Key Stage 4 Options for Year 9 Students

Options for 2017

Dear Year 9 Student

This is it – you’re reaching the end of Year 9. No more subjects, now it’s time to choose qualifications. The next two years are important because this is when you commence Learning Pathways to qualifications which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Your tutor, parents and teachers are all dedicated to helping you make the right choices. If you have any questions, or any difficulties, please speak up!

Good Luck

Jackie Parker                                           Katie Jones
Headteacher                                           Progress Leader Year 9

Our Philosophy

Our KS4 offer has been designed to prepare students to make the successful transition into Sixth Form, College, Work, and Higher Education.  It is not necessary to study as many GCSEs as you can.  What is important is that you achieve the best quality results in an appropriate number of qualifications for your ability or talent.  The option choices available allow a personalised Learning pathway to meet your needs and interests.

To continue your option choice please download the Options Book 2017-2019 and complete the form on the last page.

GCSE Pod Parents 2017

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