Year 8 Options Choices

The time for your son / daughter to select their GCSE options is soon approaching.  It is important that you receive all the necessary information well in advance of these choices being made.

Hopefully, our Options Guidance booklet and PowerPoint that we have provided you with will give you a detailed insight into the options available and the curriculum structure for the next few years. You will have already received your son/daughter’s most recent report, so will have a deeper understanding on how they are doing across all of their current subjects. 

When selecting their Options, we encourage students to focus on their interests, as well as those subjects that they have done particularly well in to date. Mrs Hand (Senior Leader) and Mrs Walker (Year 8 Progress Leader) are leading the Options process and will be the direct contact for any queries relating to the transition. You may contact them by email should you have any queries using the email address below:.

The Options guidance and choices documents may be downloaded below.