In Flanders Field Museum at Cloth Hall

In Flanders Fields Museum is located in the famous Cloth Hall (called the Lakenhalle in Flemish) in the centre of Ypres.  In 1998 the original Ypres Salient Memorial Museum was refurbished and renamed In Flanders Fields Museum.  It is an award winning museum featuring the latest technological museum applications, providing visitors with touch screens, video projections, soundscapes and an interactive Poppy Bracelet.

The consequences of war is the major theme of the Museum. The theme of a mirror is used to inspire visitors to examine how we look into our past; how and why we remember and how we look at the many other nations which were involved in the Great War of 1914-1918.

Visitors, young and old, are invited to reflect on both the major historical events and the personal stories of individuals, and how the First World War affected the lives of the thousands of people of many different nationalities who were involved in it. Most specifically the museum reflects on the consequences of war for the region of West Flanders and the City of Ypres.

The museum has always focused on the stories of individuals within the larger picture of the Great War.  These personal stories are told through many and varied objects on display, interactive installations and life-like characters.

On entry to the museum, each visitor is given a “Poppy Bracelet”.  The bracelet contains a microchip which activates the chosen language for the visitor.  It also activates the personal story of four individuals as the visitor makes his or her way around the exhibitions.

The museum features a Bell Tower, closed to visitors in recent years.  It re-opened as part of the refurbishment. The landscape of the Ypres region is an important theme in the museum and the view from the Bell Tower offers an opportunity to see the Ypres Salient battlefields from a high vantage point.