Walt Disney Studios Park

Walt Disney Studios Park is the second of two theme parks built at Disneyland Paris, which opened 2002.  It is dedicated to show business, themed after movies, production, and behind-the-scenes.  It is divided into four “studio lots”, representing various aspects of film production present at a Hollywood film studio.

Front Lot

Front Lot serves as the park’s main entrance and is home to most of the shops and services.  The Earffel Tower is located here also, a design based on the original water towers commonly found on Hollywood studio back lots in the early 1900s.  The entrance courtyard, La Place des Frères Lumière, is designed in Spanish Colonial Revival style, a style common to 1930’s Hollywood.  It is loosely based on the design of the original Disney Bros. Studios on Hyperion Avenue.  The central feature of the courtyard is a large Fantasia fountain.  The name of the courtyard is a tribute to the French inventors of cinema.

Front Lot features Disney Studio 1, a covered walkway with shops and restaurants themed after a soundstage with a recreation of a Hollywood street inside.

Toon Studio

Toon Studio is inspired by Disney and Pixar animated characters and features such Disney and Pixar characters as Crush (from Finding Nemo), The Genie (from Aladdin), Mater and Lightning McQueen (from Cars), Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Slinky, and other characters from Toy Story).  The Toon Studio concept is a spin-off of the Mickey’s Toontown idea, where guests can experience the living environments of Disney characters.

Production Courtyard

Production Courtyard’s theme revolves around the production aspect of Hollywood movies, ethos and movie legends.  The area contains two distinct parts: Hollywood Boulevard, which features Hollywood-inspired street sets and the rides The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic, and Place des Stars, which is themed around the production facilities of movie lots, containing the attractions Stitch Live! and Disney Junior: Live on Stage!.

Production Courtyard is where the movies become real.  Animation comes to life at Toon Studio, how special effects are created can be seen in Backlot.  Now you see the final productions coming together.  With amazing shows such as Cinemagique, comedy in the making with Stitch, big thills at the old haunted hotel set, and something for the little ones at Playhouse Disney, Production Courtyard is where the directors say “ok folks, that’s a wrap!”


Backlot is themed after actual movie backlots.  It has a rather plain, industrial feel and showcases the high thrills of movies.  It is more targeted towards older children and adults.  The Backlot also features soundtracks from blockbusters such as Mission: Impossible 2, Planet of the Apes, Batman, or Independence Day.