Chateau Beaumont Trip 2018

“Fun, France and Active Education”

Crickhowell High School is planning to take a group of students on a five day residential visit to Château Beaumont, a language and activity centre situated in Mayenne, Southern Normandy, France on 16th to 20th July 2018.

The trip is open to all pupils in Years 9 and 10 who would like to experience France and would be of great educational value, particularly to those students continuing with French to GCSE Level and beyond.

Residential trips have a proven positive impact on both the individual student and on class morale as a whole, with many educational benefits, such as enhancing social skills, promoting a healthier lifestyle and breeding active minds.  The Château offers a super, authentic French experience in a beautiful setting.

The students will follow the ‘Reportage’ itinerary, which is designed to give them an opportunity to experience the history, culture and language of this historic region, as well as to try out new and fun activities, such as aeroball or the zipwire.  There will be visits to a range of sites of cultural or historical interest.  Students will also be taking part in a fun and exciting programme of evening entertainment.  They will have three meals per day, incorporating French cooking methods and food they’ll enjoy.

The Château is set in 10 acres of private grounds, with a separate accommodation block for school groups, with all dormitories having en-suite facilities.  On-site facilities include:

  • a classroom
  • an entertainment hall
  • a basketball court
  • a swimming pool
  • a climbing wall
  • a common room

The total cost is £480.00 and includes all transport, insurance, full board and accommodation, equipment and instruction.  Students need only bring money for extra snacks and souvenirs.

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Welcome to Château Beaumont

Château Beaumont provides gate-to-gate school trips to France at our own centre on the Normandy / Loire Valley border.  We have a strong track record and background in education and have been successfully arranging school trips for over 15 years.

All of our senior management have been Centre Manager at some point, so an understanding of the experience for school children and teachers alike is at the heart of everything we do.

We have an excellent safety record and high levels of staff retention, so for your school trip, you can realistically expect to have an experienced Group Leader or Instructor who has been with us for more than just the season.  Their imagination and experience bring language to life and give children the confidence to ‘have a go’.

With exciting activities on site, a wealth of cultural attractions nearby and the opportunity to meet or share the centre with a French school , your school trip to France with Château Beaumont will give each pupil every opportunity to undertake new challenges, practise their French language and explore the rich history and culture of France.

Chateau Beaumont—A Potted History

The Château des Courgés is named after the Gallo-Roman landowner Corvius, who owned much of the surrounding land when France was a province of the Roman Empire.  It was built between 1837 and 1852, by the Comte de Vaujas, an interesting time in history which saw the fall of Louis Philippe, the installation of the Second Republic (1848-1852) and the coup d’état by Napoleon III.

In 1922 the Château and its land was bequeathed to the De Branche family, whose descendants still live next door in the “Orangerie”, the former stables and tropical plant house of the Château.

Following the outbreak of WWII in 1939, the Château was requisitioned by the retreating French, later replaced by the Gestapo, who set up headquarters there.

The advance of Allied troops in 1944 drew on the hospitality of the Château once more, when it became their local HQ, before finally being returned to the De Branche family in 1947.

With no electricity and much damage done during Liberation, the village of Chailland bought the Château in 1963 and set it up as a finishing school for the young ladies of the village.  We bought the Château in 1999 and have been operating it successfully as an educational centre ever since.


When you come on a school trip to Château Beaumont you can choose from some of the best activities around.  All our activities target various learning and developmental elements, such as communication skills, teamwork and problem-solving. C ertain activities can also be tackled in French.  Every evening after dinner the children are entertained with a variety of events and teachers can join in the fun or take time to relax in our comfortable Teachers’ Retreat.   Activities offered include aeroball, archery, climbing, fencing, initiative activities, nightline, swimming and zip wire.

Cultural and Historical Excursions

Château Beaumont is ideally located for a variety of cultural, historical, educational and fun excursions.  Appealing to all ages and all French language abilities, our visits offer a wide variety of opportunities so that your school group can get the maximum benefit from their school trip to France.

If you have any National Curriculum requirements with regard to French language, History, Geography or Citizenship, please let us know and we can work with you to build a trip with those elements.

Historical sites within easy reach include:

  • the medieval fortress at Fougères
  • the beautiful old town of Bayeux
  • le Mont Saint-Michel
  • the seaside town of Arromanches
  • the walled city of St Malo

Cultural visits include:

  • market day in the town of Laval
  • a visit to a cider farm
  • a tour round a cheese farm
  • a visit to the animal refuge at Refuge De L’Arche

Château Beaumont Location

The Château is situated near to the village of Chailland, a petite cité de caractère in the département of Mayenne (53).

Nestling in beautiful, tranquil French countryside on the borders of Normandy and the Loire, the Château sits on the crest of a hill surrounded by 10 acres of grounds – a perfect location for a school trip to France.

Trip Information, Documentation and Useful Links

The trip to Château Beaumont will take place on 16th—20th July 2018.  You can download below the following documents:

Chateau Beaumont Brochure

Chateau Beaumont Trip Letter 22062017

Chateau Beaumont Trip Letter 10112017

CB Trip Sign-up Form

For further information about Château Beaumont, please visit their website

Any further information about the trip will be added to this page over time and notification to parents to check in will be advised via Facebook.

All images used on this page are supplied courtesy of Château Beaumont.