Core Languages



In Year 7 your child will begin learning French in addition to Welsh. In Year 7 all pupils are taught in mixed ability groups. German is also taught from Year 8, when groups are set according to ability.

The Department uses a range of up-to-date and exciting resources, including the “Expo” Key Stage 3 French series and the new Michel Thomas C’est Possible” French course. In addition we make use of several web-based resources to enhance the quality of learning. In Year 7 each pupil is given a “KS3 French Toolkit”, a booklet that provides them with the basics of the French language and sections to track their academic progress. Each year pupils are given vocabulary booklets, covering the main topic-based vocabulary and structures. Although dictionaries are available in lessons, these are in limited supply and we would like each pupil to purchase a mini French dictionary to use at home/ in school if possible.

Mandarin Chinese

We are incredibly fortunate to have a Mandarin teacher, Liang Lingsheng, who teaches Mandarin to Year 7 every Monday during a timetabled lesson. Liang Lingsheng also runs lunch time and after school clubs every Monday.

The school has close links with the Confucius Institute in Lampeter and we have recently been informed that we are to be granted “Confucius Classroom” status as a result of our work in promoting Chinese language and culture. This is a great honour and CHS will become a well-resourced learning hub for Chinese language and culture. This will ensure the future of Chinese teaching and learning at the school.


Latin is offered to interested pupils in all key stages by Mrs Treasure, a Classics specialist. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students. Classes take place several times a week between 8.40-9.05am.

Rooms & Resources

Our rooms are very well-equipped with data projectors and internet access. A variety of media including MP3 voice recorders and digital camcorders are used widely in our teaching programmes. The department has a website that may be accessed through the main school website and each teacher has an area on the school network where students can access folders of worksheets/ extra activities and a diverse range of slideshow presentations in three languages. Using our home access system, these resources may be studied remotely at home.


The Department consists of five well-qualified modern linguists:

  • Mrs K Bosley– Head of the MFL Faculty (German, French, Welsh)
  • Mrs C Harris– Second in Faculty (French, German, Welsh)
  • Mrs K Neill- MFL Teacher (French, German, Welsh)
  • Mrs S Warfield-Ried – Head of Welsh
  • Miss K Jones – Welsh Teacher (Welsh)
  • Mrs V Carter– MFL Teacher (French, German)
  • Miss R Thomas – MFL Teacher (French, German)