Sporting Achievements

Tate Groves, Year 11

A massive congratulations to Tate Groves in year 11 who competed in the MMA Meltdown evening in Bristol at the end of April.  Tate won the fight by unanimous decision to remain undefeated!




Evie Webber-Shaw, Year 8

Evie Webber-Shaw, Year 8, is part of our Welsh Girls Under 14s Football Team.  Recently, Evie has played against Bristol City and Birmingham.  She has previously played against Chelsea.

Evie has shown great skill and determination in her path of development.  Evie is a strong fullback who loves to push up the pitch onto the wings.

In her last match Evie scored a fantastic long-range goal which contributed towards a 7-2 win for Wales over Briton Ferry.  She has taken an opportunity opened for her to be a ball girl alongside some of her Wales team mates, for the Welsh Women’s Senior team against Northern Ireland to be played at the Cardiff City Stadium.  Hopefully she continues down this promising path and makes Crickhowell High School proud.

Written by Sadie Roden, Year 8

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