Learning Agreement

At Crickhowell we place a high value not only on academic success but also your education and development in a wider sense. We value such qualities as fairness, equality, respect, responsibility and honesty. This is a two way process; the school is committed to giving you support and guidance but in return we expect commitment, responsibility and effort from our students. When you accept a place in the Sixth Form you agree to the terms below which are all focused on your all round development and making the Sixth Form an effective place to learn.  Therefore, students who do not conform to the Learning Agreement will be expected to continue their education elsewhere.

What Does The School Expect Of Students?

  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Adherence to the Sixth Form Regulations as set out in the Handbook
  • Good organisation and completion of work set and appropriate use of private study time
  • Involvement in the wider life of the school including school service
  • Respect for the school environment
  • Adherence to the Sixth Form Dress Code
  • Completion of the requirements of the Welsh Baccalaureate
  • At least four hours work outside lessons per subject per week including background reading and extended study
  • An appropriate balance between school work, part-time employment and socialising

What Does The School Expect Of Parents?

  • Ensure attendance and punctuality
  • Monitor balance between school work and other interests
  • Monitor progress by asking to see work and reports
  • Being aware of the course demands and targets set
  • Uphold and support our Sixth Form regulations including the Dress Code
  • Keep the School informed when appropriate and relevant
  • Attend Parents’ Meetings/Evenings

What Should Students And Parents Expect Of The School

  • Provision of an appropriate learning environment
  • Provision of high quality teaching and learning opportunities
  • Academic Monitoring and Target setting to ensure students reach their full potential
  • Identification of underachievement and intervention where necessary
  • Formal and informal reporting to parents
  • A full pastoral support programme
  • Help and advice for students applying for higher education and careers
  • Extra curricular opportunities both in and out of school