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Please remember that STUDENTS are responsible for ensuring they are entered for resits (not subject staff) and entries must be accompanied by the necessary fee.

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UCAS Tariff
Quite simply, this puts your qualifications and achievements in a numerical format. Below are the ‘old’ UCAS tariff points which are still used by many universities.  Here is a link to the new UCAS Tariff along with a calculator.

These are the ones you need to worry about:

Introductory Diploma in ICT

  • Distinction *       140 Points
  • Distinction           120 Points
  • Merit                     80 Points
  • Pass                       40 Points


  • A* 140 Points
  • A 120 Points
  • B 100 Points
  • C 80 Points
  • D 60 Points
  • E 40 Points


  • A 60 Points
  • B 50 Points
  • C 40 Points
  • D 30 Points
  • E 20 Points

While a good number of universities will state their specific required grades, AAB for example, others will make offers based on the tariff system such as 240 points. In this example (240 points) you could get ACE, or CCC at A2, or CDD at A2 and a C in AS in another subject, and in each case, you would be accepted. Check the entry profiles for each course at each university to be sure.

Remember, if you go on to take the A2 you can’t count the AS points in the final tally, but if you stop at the end of AS you can add it to your other A2s

There are a number of other qualifications which can be used to build up the UCAS tariff, for example music examinations, but not all institutions will take these into consideration.