Welsh is the oldest European language and, as such, is an extremely vital language within our developing communities.

The A level Welsh course embraces the spiritual, moral, ethical, social and cultural issues of the Welsh language, thus enabling students to use Welsh outside the classroom and in the their day-to day lives.  So many people want to live their lives in Welsh and by choosing to follow second language Welsh we can increase the percentage of Welsh speakers aim to secure the future of the language.

The course is taught using a variety of teaching methods and resources.  Students are required to read, understand, comment and analyse Welsh poetry, short stories, plays and film.  Students will be required to give presentations and lead class discussions in the target language.  They will also practice essay questions from past papers, use the internet for research and for completing language exercises.

Welsh speakers have a wider variety of job opportunities within different sectors, from acting and directing / business / travel and tourism / education / NHS and the emergency services.  Welsh is an analytical language that structures thought and develops critical thinking, which is a valuable skill for discussions and negotiations, skills which are useful in any career.