“There has never been a better or more important time to study geography.  With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation and social cohesion, geography is one of the most relevant courses you could choose to study.  Geographers are also highly employable.” Dr Rita Gardner, Director of the RGS-IBG

A Level Geography gives students the scope to become independent thinkers.  It offers an opportunity to develop and formulate responses and to research and investigate different attitudes, responses or sides to a topic or theme.  It engages and involves the student by using topical and current case studies to allow coverage of issues on a variety of different scales.  This ideally places the A Level geographers with well-developed research skills which will be invaluable in the setting for further education.  Furthermore, Geography is viewed by the Russell University group as a facilitating subject, which means it is a subject required more often than others for admission to a variety of non-related university courses.