English Literature

Choosing English is useful for a wide range of careers, such as a BBC news presenter and reporter, a strategy consultant, an IT consultant, an entrepreneur and a solicitor.   A Level English Literature is useful for many different careers because it emphasises creativity, disciplined thought and communication, plus an ability to research, synthesise and contextualise ideas.

An A Level in English prepares you for undergraduate study in a range of subjects.  Other advantages include:

  • Developing your critical awareness and love of literature
  • The opportunity for creative responses and individual contributions
  • Developing your knowledge of, and ability to use, critical theory when analysing texts
  • Exploring and understanding a wide range of text
  • Offering flexibility and freedom with a wide range of topic areas and text
  • Developing transferable skills of research and composition
  • Developing an understanding of the contexts in which the texts were written and understood
  • Developing your knowledge, understanding and ability to analyse the views of others
  • Allowing you to pursue detailed study in a field of particular personal interest
  • Committed and academically rigorous teaching