Computer Science

Computers are widely used in all aspects of business, industry, government, education, leisure and the home. In this technological age, a study of computer science, and particularly how computers are used in the solution of a real-world problems, is not only valuable to the learners but also essential to the future well-being of the country.

Computer science integrates well with all subjects across the curriculum, as it demands both logical discipline and imaginative creativity in the selection and design of algorithms and the writing, testing and debugging of programs; it relies on an understanding of the rules of language at a fundamental level; it encourages an awareness of the management and organisation of computer systems; it extends the learners’ horizons beyond the school or college environment in the appreciation of the effects of computer science on society and individuals.

For these reasons, computer science is as relevant to a learner studying arts subjects as it is to one studying science subjects; WJEC GCE Computer Science will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of computer science and a broad scope of study opportunities.