A Level Chemistry attempts to answer the big question ‘what is the world made of’ and it’s the search for this answer that makes this subject so fascinating.  From investigating how one substance can be changed drastically into another, to researching a new wonder drug to save millions of lives, the opportunities that chemistry provides are endless.

At the heart of Chemistry, like all sciences, are practical activities.  Throughout the course you will carry out practical activities such as measuring energy changes in chemical reactions, tests for identifying different types of compound, different methods for measuring rates of reaction, studying electrochemical cells, preparation of organic solids and liquids and many more.

Possible degree options taken by students who have an A Level in Chemistry are Chemistry, Biology, pre-clinical medicine, Mathematics or Pharmacology.   This then opens up all sorts of exciting career options, such as analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, clinical biochemistry, pharmacology, doctor, research sciences (physical sciences), toxicology, environmental consultant to name just a few.

To gain a further understanding of specific aspects of Chemistry that interest you, the following websites are an excellent resource for any budding Chemist: