Choosing Your Options

Choosing your A Levels is an important and exciting decision.  You will find that studying at A Level is quite different from your experience of the earlier years of school.  Focussing on fewer subjects means you are able to study topics in greater depth, there is more scope for discussion and debate in lessons and you will take greater responsibility for independent study.  We will help and support you over this time so that you can make well-informed decisions that will allow you to achieve your higher education and future career aspirations.

We advise you to select three A Level subjects, plus a ‘reserve’ subject and you will also be studying the Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate.  Opting for three subjects allows you to manage your workload and still fully embrace the other aspects of Sixth Form life which will enrich your overall experience and personal development.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet know what you want to do.  Some students have very clear ideas about their plans at this stage and others are less sure.  Use this time to think about your own interests, abilities and the subjects you enjoy most – you will achieve the best possible results when you are enjoying your work.  Our staff can provide you with information about course content for each subject and also offer insights into future pathways and complementary subjects.  Many students have preferences which broadly draw them towards Sciences, Humanities or Arts, so this can sometimes be a starting point for your decision making.  However, there are some fascinating subjects offered at A Level, which you will not yet have experienced, such as Psychology, Business or Law.  In total you have 29 subjects to choose from.




ChemistryArtHistoryEnglish Literature
LawMathsDesign TechnologyFurther MathsPhysics
PsychologyRSICT*BusinessFilm Studies
SociologyPEPhotographyHealth & Social CareMandarin*
Computer Science*English Lit & LangWelsh
Food & Nutrition

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