Academic Results

Academic results are strong at Crickhowell High School and students achieve and exceed their personal goals.  At the heart of everything we do here is our desire to support every child to fulfil their own potential.  For some this will mean gaining a batch of A*s to lead them on to their first-choice university course, while for others success will be defined by a different set of results.  Whatever shape this success takes, the consistent theme is that it meets the goals, aspirations and hopes of that individual student and enables them to take the next steps in life, for higher education or a future career that excites and motivates them.

A Level20232022202120202019
% A*- A Grades42%37%47%49%32%
% A* – B Grades65%60%75%74%56%
% A* – C Grades84%81%92%92%81%
% A* – D Grades92%92%99.7%100%100%

Crickhowell High School is closed today due to adverse weather. This decision is made in the best interest of everyone’s safety and wellbeing, following consultation with all partners.