School Uniform

In response to student and parent/carer voice, we have updated the uniform slightly to have a modernised look and we have changed our Uniform provider from Price & Buckland to Reflex Embroidery.

Reflex Embroidery are a local provider and they have an excellent service reputation. Orders through them can be delivered to school for free or collected from their base in Tredegar.
The new uniform will be transitioned over time so all families have the opportunity to gradually purchase the new items. We will expect the new Year 7 cohort to be in the new uniform from September and other year groups may purchase the new design as and when the time comes to order new items. There will be a transition period where we have a combination of the old and new design: they do not vary hugely. The main changes include the new logo and a new style tie.

Uniform Poster

School Uniform Poster
Children In School Uniform

Compulsory Uniform Items

We provide below a summary of the compulsory uniform items for each student in Years 7 – 11:

  • White shirt
  • School blazer
  • Long sleeve v-neck jumper
  • Black trousers and/or black skirt – no higher than credit card length above the knees
  • School tie
  • School shoes – black leather look/effect formal shoes. No trainer or canvas style shoes.

Please note: We aim to add tailored shorts to the uniform by summer 2022. Please note: The website refers to ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ but students may wear whichever they prefer.

All orders can be placed through the Reflex Embroidery website. Their telephone number can also be found on their webpage: Crickhowell High School | Reflex Embroidery

Additional Dress Code Rules

  • One set of small ear studs are allowed. No other face or body piercings are permitted.
  • One watch is permitted
  • No nail polish or false nails or nail extensions are to be worn  Hair colours and styles must be natural
  • Excessive make-up is not allowed, but it can be subtle and discreet
  • Hats or caps are not permitted as headwear

Physical Education Kit

In addition to new uniform, we have also agreed a new bespoke Physical Education kit. Some items will be compulsory, again with a gradual year transition. There are also some additional optional items available. Those involved in extra-curricular sports clubs particularly may benefit from some of the optional items.

Compulsory PE Kit

  • White polo shirt or black PE t-shirt via Reflex Embroidery
  • Black/dark shorts or black shorts via Reflex Embroidery
  • Black/dark tracksuit pants or Reflex Embroidery tracksuit pants
  • Sports socks or Reflex Embroidery
  • Trainers (no dark underfoot, to protect Sports Hall floor)

Optional PE Kit

  • Black/dark leggings or Reflex Embroidery leggings
  • Reflex Embroidery Thermal Skins
  • Reflex Embroidery Rugby Jersey  Reflex Embroidery 1/ 4 Zip Jacket
  • Reflex Embroidery Skort
  • Reflex Embroidery Sports Socks

When we return in September, there may be a continued need for students to wear their full PE kit on the days when they have timetabled PE lessons. We will review the situation through the summer , following Welsh Government and Powys guidance at all times.

If you have any questions regarding the uniform for September then please do not hesitate to contact your son’s/daughter’s Progress Leader.

We thank students and families for their input in to the new uniform design and look forward to the refreshed appearance as time goes on.

We are currently welcoming applications to join our welcoming and vibrant Sixth Form for September 2024, please apply using the below link.

September 2024 Sixth Form Applications 

Crickhowell High School is closed today due to adverse weather. This decision is made in the best interest of everyone’s safety and wellbeing, following consultation with all partners.