Maths & ICT Faculty Revision


Please find below all the revision tools that are recommended throughout all key stages of the school.

Pre-GCSE Revision and Consolidation – a range of great Maths games – a range of great Maths Games – BBC Bitesize Maths for pre-GCSE students

GCSE Revision and Consolidation – BBC Bitesize for Maths – BBC Bitesize for Maths Numeracy – a brilliant website for all your WJEC Maths and Maths Numeracy revision needs.

GCSE revision worksheets can be found at the following locations:

Grade A*, A & B—
Grade C—
Grade D—
Grades E, F & G—

GCSEPod has over 400 podcasts expertly created for effective learning and revision produced in collaboration with over 30 teachers for GCSE students.

  • Relevant to the six main GCSE exam boards across thirteen subjects
  • Enhanced podcasts with added text and original images
  • As simple to download as iTunes
  • For use as a learning resource throughout the year, not just for revision
  • Available in short, easy to digest, bite-size segments

One of the publishers has produced revision guides for GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Mathematics / Numeracy.  These are available from the school at a discounted price of £6.

AS / A2 Revision and Consolidation – contains all past papers and mark schemes for every module of WJEC legacy specification. contains past papers from all exam boards, which are broken down into topic-based sections with specimen solutions.


GCSEPod is an accessible and affordable learning product, written by teachers, for use by Years 9, 10 and 11 on computers, iPods and Mobile Phones, anytime, anywhere, all year round.

For AS and A2 students the Jack Tilson website at contains all past papers and mark schemes for every module of the WJEC ICT specification.