Humanities Faculty Revision


The WJEC course text is Hall, Jones, Raffo, Chambers & Gray:  Business Studies.  There are also a number of books recommended for further reading:

  • Alain Anderton – AS Level Business Studies
  • David Browne et al – Business Studies (Heinemann)
  • AQA Business Studies textbooks – both AS and A2
  • A-Z Business (a dictionary of business terminology
  • AQA Accounting
  • A-Z Accounting
  • David Horner – Accounting & Finance
  • Lloyds TSB – Small Business Guide
  • Longman – Essentials – a revision guide
  • CGP Revision Guides – AS and A2
  • Business Review Magazine – targeted specifically at A Level students

Also keep an eye on the current affairs via the newspapers or the internet, particularly

A number of websites are useful for finding information relating to Business, which also include quizzes and case studies for example.  Recommendations would be:

The following documents are available from WJEC and are a combination of useful reading and revision worksheets.

The Welsh Economy-A Snapshot-Summer 2017

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Averages

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Breakeven

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Calculate PED and YED

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Fractions and Percentages

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Interpreting Index Nos

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Investment Appraisal

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Percentage Changes

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Ratios

Worksheets-Quantitative Skills-Revenue, Cost, Profit


Use the BBC Bitesize Geography revision website at

There are a number of WJEC course and revision publications available.  For GCSE there is:


There are also a number of WJEC publications available for AS and A2.  These will help to reinforce students’ geographical understanding throughout their course.  There are clear topic summaries with sample questions and answers to help students to improve their exam technique and achieve their best.



The following guides are available for download:

Changing Life in USA 1929-2000
DepressionWar & Recovery in Wales & England 1930-1951
Life in Nazi Germany 1933-39
The Rise of the Nazi Party 1929-34

US Foreign Policy 1929-2000

War & Impact on German Life 1939-47

Religious Studies

These are the recommended publications for the new WJEC specification for GCSE:


The following are the recommended WJEC publications for the AS and A2 course: