Active & Creative Arts Faculty Revision

Drama / Drama & Theatre

For GCSE students, the following revision materials for the Unit 3 written exam are available in the shared area:

1984 Revision Guide Mrs Maguire
1984 Vocabulary bank for acting questions
Drama GCSE Unit 3 The Written Paper
Unit 3 Resource booklet WJEC

The BBC Bitesize website has a wealth of information:

WJEC have produced Sample Assessment Materials for both GCSE and AS / A2 students:

WJEC GCSE Drama Sample Assessment Materials 2016+
WJEC GCE A Lvl Drama & Theatre Sample Assessment Materials 2016+

The WJEC recommended study text for GCSE students is:

The WJEC have not prescribed a text book for new spec AS / A2 students, but other boards have.

  • AQA Drama and Theatre Studies AS: Student Book  by Sue Fielder and Pat Friday.  Published 16 Apr 2008 , revised 2014
  • Theatre Studies:  An Approach for Advanced Level by Simon Cooper and Sally Mackey.
  • Drama and Theatre Studies at AS / A Level by Warwick Dobson and Jonathan Neelands.  Published 23 June 2000.

The material in this first book is excellent and will act as a good checklist for the skills and knowledge required in some areas of our course. The second book on the list is also an excellent resource.

Watching any Youtube clips, BBC iPlayer, catch-up TV and films is an excellent way of developing your understanding of theatrical and dramatic presentation and will feed your creativity and imagination in terms of acting, design and ideas for devising.  Try these websites: –  search for either theatre performance, great performance, Frantic Assembly, Vamos Theatre or DV8.

Watch The Hollow Crown on BBC catch-up.  These are history adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays.

Find out what’s on in this area and go to see live performance, as well as the Globe, NT and RSC streaming through the cinemas.

  • Find out what is happening locally.  Use a 20 mile radius.  Examine and read the programme of events for Theatr Brycheiniog, The Borough, The Beaufort in Brynmawr, the Metropole in Abertillery, The Riverside and the Dolman in Newport and the Wyeside in Builth Wells.  Use the internet or the current brochure.
  • Join a mailing list for one of the above and decide which performances you would like to go to see.
  • What’s happening in Cardiff over the next few months? Which are the performing arts venues (there are five major ones) and what sort of productions do they mount?  What’s coming up and what would you like to see?

Find out what courses or workshops are on offer in your area.  List and describe these in your folders.  Which ones are you going to choose to do.?  Join a good youth theatre to supplement your work in the lessons.

One of the earliest and most useful things for you to find out about is what is happening in this country.  Become acquainted with the performing arts industries.  The best way to do this is to read the industry newspaper The StageSearch for the articles that interest you or articles about your own performance specialism.  Read about current productions (theatre, film, TV, opera, ballet, dance, music and so on) and get a thorough appreciation of what sort of productions are currently being mounted or are running at the moment. What is happening in the West End?  In London?  In the National Theatre and the RSC?  In the Donmar?  Find out, and then book up and go and see them.


The WJEC recommended books for studying GCSE Music are:

The BBC Bitesize website provides a wealth of information for GCSE students on composers, composing and music theory:

For a range of past papers and mark schemes, please visit the WJEC website at

WJEC have provided sample assessment materials for both GCSE and AS / A2 specifications. 

WJEC GCSE Music Sample Assessment Materials
WJEC GCE A Lvl Music Sample Assessment Materials

Physical Education

Below are the recommended study and revision guides for the WJEC GCSE specification.  The third publication is suitable for all GCSE specifications and comes with a handy free digital edition suitable for use on computers, smart phones and tablets.  It contains over 1000 assessment questions.

The BBC Bitesize website provides a wealth of information for students studying and revising for GCSE PE:

The Gojimo free app is a great little gizmo to help revise for AS / A2 PE (and a whole range of other subjects).  It covers knowledge on everything from physiology and rehabilitation to cardiac output and energy systems.  It also offers a huge collection of questions for you to answer, backed up by detailed answers and explanations so you can learn as you go.

Random tests to test your knowledge
Detailed explanations for every question, accompanied by diagrams
Offline studying (no need for a Wi-Fi connection once you have the materials downloaded!)
Easy to use, with simple to understand layout
Track your progress and watch your knowledge grow

As Crickhowell High School is offering the new specification for PE , past papers are not yet available.  However, you can use the WJEC question bank to search for questions on any topic for either GCSE or AS / A2 PE.

You can also refer to the WJEC sample assessment materials for both GCSE and AS / A2:

WJEC GCSE PE Sample Assessment Materials
WJEC GCE A Lvl PE Sample Assessment Materials