Sixth Form Registration Day 2018

Welcome to Crickhowell High School’s Registration Day.  We have a full programme organized for you.

There are a few administrative items that should be completed by new sixth form students before the start of term:

Sixth Form Handbook:  This is available on our website at  Read it carefully and familiarise yourself with its contents.

Data Collection Form:  This is available on our website at  Complete the form and bring it with you to the Registration Day.  Please ensure you provide us with an up-to-date email address and mobile number.  We are a ‘paperless’ school and all formal correspondence is sent out via our school communication app, SCHOOP.

Learning Agreement:  If you have applied for the Eduction Maintenance Allowance, you’ll need to complete a Learning Agreement.  Both these forms are available from the Sixth Form Co-ordinator, Mrs Sharon Webb.  Please contact her via email on

SCHOOP:  Sign up for our school communication app.  Our Schoop ID number is 20521.

Sixth Form Application Form:  If you’re interested in joining our Sixth Form, you must complete an Application Form, either internal or external, depending on whether you’re an existing CHS student or are coming to us from another school / college.  The form is located on our website at  Once completed, please email the form to Mrs Sharon Webb at and bring a copy with you to our Sixth Form Registration Day.