SEMI-FIXED: Student email issues

I’m currently investigating why the student email server isn’t responding, indications from remoting into the network seem to suggest a power supply failure, however until tomorrow morning this cannot be fixed, or even diagnosed.

I’ll bring you an update as soon as I get into work tomorrow morning to figure out what is going on.

Rest assured that a daily backup of the student email server is taken, and it has redundant hard drives to prevent data loss.  If a temporary patch is required, I’ll implement one ASAP and hopefully bring the student emails back quickly.

Update 9/4/10 12:00pm:

The student mail server’s hard disk drives has failed, and as a result new ones will need to be brought.

In the mean time, I’m hopefully going to get a temporary fix in place which will have the emails hosted on chs01.

Update 9/4/10 13:20pm:

Turns out the student mail server hasn’t been backing up since Christmas.

I’m in the process of restoring the system back to this date.

Apologies to anyone who has had an email since Christmas, if we can perform a hard drive recovery on the student mail server and restore data that way, it should restore up to yesterday

Update 9/4/10 14:40pm:

Student email server now running on CHS03 (remote desktop server), and emails are now working.

Apologies to everyone who has had an email since Christmas, these were unfortunately LOST.

You can blame, lack of money for this, not being able to buy replacement hard drives when the drive fails