Sporting Fixtures for week beginning 3rd November

Sporting Fixtures for week beginning 3rd November.

Tuesday 4th Brecon netball league Crick A vs Gwernyfed  A 5-6pm

Wednesday 5th November  Tops schools badminton tournament in Cardiff all day.
1XV vs King Henry home unconfirmed.

Thursday 6th November  Cross country at Gwernyfed High School

Inter house competitions

  • We are holding a series of inter-house sporting competitions starting the second week back after half term.
  • We will be using a round robin format with each form playing all the others.
  • The competitions will be mixed boys and girls.
  • We have asked form tutors to try to ensure that everyone that wishes to participate gets a go in at least one sport.
  • We have suggested that there is an election for a form sports captain whose job it is to organise the teams. (All forms should have a vice captain of the opposite sex to ensure equality of opportunity).
  • The captain’s role is to draw up team sheets so everyone in the team knows their positions for each game.
  • All the teams will need 7 players and will be mixed sex.
  • If a team does not turn up they forfeit the match.
  • There is a trophy for the winning house.
  • Matches will take place from 1:30 until 2pm each day. Players can wear their house colours.