Paris Trip 2015

Dear student and parent(s)/carer(s),

Many thanks for your deposit. I am liaising with the travel company “Schools into Europe” to put together a cultural and fun-packed programme for our visit to Paris in May 2015. When we have finalised the exact details of the programme I shall make these available. There will be an information evening nearer to the date of the trip.

The trip departs on the evening of Thursday 21st May and will return on the evening of Monday 25th May. There will be a full and varied programme of activities in Paris and the trip includes full board accommodation.

I have asked the school finance officer to issue receipts and payment cards and these will be available shortly. I would like to propose the following payment schedule below. If you would like to pay weekly/ in variable amounts or pay the amount in full that is no problem. Please contact me if you have any further queries about payment.

Payment schedule:

  • Deposit of £50.00 PAID September 2014
  • Second instalment of £60.00:                                    10th November 2014
  • Third instalment of £50.00:                                        8th December 2014
  • Fourth instalment of £100.00:                                   2nd February 2015
  • Last instalment of £100.00:                                        2nd March 2015



With best wishes,

Mrs Keri Bosley.
Director of Learning – MFL & Welsh.