What is the Literacy and Numeracy Framework?

Some resources to help you support your children

The Interactive LNF – shortlink goo.gl/T3WtLd

You can use the interactive LNF on the Learning Wales website to understand what is required by the LNF in each age group.

Reasoning in the classroom – shortlink goo.gl/3bcrHY

This is a teaching pack, but you might find it useful in supporting your children in preparation of the numerical reasoning tests.

Numeracy sample materials – shortlink goo.gl/tdNDSI

At the bottom of this page you will find some sample questions and mark schemes for the Procedural and Numerical Reasoning tests. Try working through these questions with your children.

Reading sample materials – shortlink goo.gl/KA2Kt9  

You can download sample reading test questions to use with your children in this link.

What you say counts – shortlink goo.gl/UuVcoi   

This online pdf document has lots of useful links for helping learners and their parents with mathematical skills.