PSE Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As part of the School’s timetabled Personal and Social Education programme we include a number of health education units which not only address alcohol and drug education, first aid, personal hygiene but also issues concerning relationships and sexuality.

I write now to inform you that your youngster will, during the next year, be involved in aspects of sex and relationships education which will include:

In Year 7 – discussion about physical changes during puberty.

In Year 8 – discussion about sexuality and issues in society which touch on this e.g. gender roles, roles and responsibilities, etc.

In Year 9 – discussion about sexuality including HIV and AIDS. This unit is focused on decisions and responsibility and includes discussion on the use of social media platforms.

In Year 10 – use of a variety of resources to acquire further knowledge about sex education including contraception. Discussion about attitudes and personal values in relation to sexuality and contraception, including each individual’s right to choose not to be sexually active.

In Year 11 – pupils are further involved in discussion about responsibility and relationships, abortion, euthanasia, sexually transmitted diseases.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which knowledge can be passed on effectively, positive attitudes will be encouraged and promoted and youngsters will feel able and free to discuss issues without fear of ridicule from others. Long term our aim is to develop skills and provide information which will promote the growth of a self-confident, positive individual able to make appropriate decisions in relation to a variety of issues including relationships and sexuality.

In all aspects of discussion regarding relationships and sexuality the emphasis is on commitment and a loving relationship is paramount. Should you wish to discuss any concerns you may have regarding the Sex and Relationships Programme, or exercise your right to withdraw your youngster from these lessons, please contact me either by letter or by telephone.

Due to the increasing concerns and attention being drawn to use of social networking sites such as Facebook.I would like to draw to your attention, details overleaf, to the presentation regarding the Risks and Challenges created by Social Media which we think will be of value to you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. S. M. Dawkins
Deputy Headteacher