Summary of School Council

Summary from the School Council, 1st May 2012

Over this year the school council have contributed in many decisions to the school as a whole. New members were elected at the beginning of the year with a person from each form so that views from all areas of students could be taken in to account. We hold meetings every Friday during form/assembly time and we ask that as many of the members turn up as possible.

At the beginning of the spring term, the school council were involved in interviews for the new Deputy Head of the school. A few of the members were selected and we had to put together questions for the applicants and then give our views on each person at the end. Mr Ford was appointed the job and we all will welcome him to the school in September when his job will start.

As well as interviewing for the deputy head we have also held an interview for the new head of English. Again we came up with questions for the applicants and gave our views. As well as this the school council organises the non-uniform days and played a part in organising the Sport Relief day and will organise the non-uniform day for Mary’s meals in a few weeks. We hope to now look over the new school uniform and review it again over the course of this term.

Maya Fryer, Press Officer of the School Council