Uniform Consultation

18th February 2011

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are entering into a short period of consultation with regard to our school uniform as we are considering some possible changes to student’s uniform from September 2011.

The consultation process has been agreed by the Governing Body and is in line with Welsh Assembly Government guidelines.  We will be consulting with students, parents, governors, school staff and the local community.  We will also be talking to parents in our feeder primary schools.

I am keen to look at bringing in blazers and ties for our Key Stage Three students as well as our Key Stage Four students as the current polo shirts in Key Stage Three do not keep students warm enough in the winter nor do they give students sufficient ‘change’ between their uniform in the primary school and moving up to a more grown up uniform in secondary school.

There is a lot of evidence to support the fact that an impressive uniform policy does improve student achievement in schools and we want all our students to be proud of their uniform and also to have a say in how it is designed.

It is not our intention to move to a uniform for the Sixth Form but we would look at retaining the blazer and tie in Key Stage Four.  We propose a different tie in Key Stage Four and Key Stage Three and we will also be looking at our badge and school motto as well as the P.E. uniform.

Should we come to the conclusion that there will be some changes to the uniform all students now in the current uniform will be able to wear it until it needs replacing and only then will we expect them to move to a new uniform.  We will keep you updated of any decisions as the consultation goes ahead.

I would welcome your thoughts and look forward to hearing your views.  You can email them to us on office@crickhs.org.

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Parker