Powys Secondary School Modernisation

Dear Student/Parent/Carer,

Re:  Powys Secondary School and Post 16 Modernisation Programme

Strategic Outline Programme

As you are aware, Powys is in the process of consulting with students, parents, governors and all interested parties regarding the Powys Secondary and Post 16 Modernisation Programme.  We provided details of progress to date in our letter to you of the 10th of June 2010 which included details of how you may take part in the consultation programme.

We are writing to you now as the outgoing and incoming Headteachers of Crickhowell High School to remind you to take part in this process, the closing date for which is the 31st July 2010.  The SOP is available from the council’s website at www.powys.gov.uk In order to give you some idea of our thinking with regard to these proposals we enclose our response to the five generic questions posed on the feedback form.  We have also provided you with our thoughts in respect of the seven models that have been suggested for consideration, although it is difficult to consider these in detail until further information is available.

We would urge you to take part in this process now and to engage with the consultation events that are scheduled for the Autumn Term 2010.  We believe that all secondary schools in Powys, including Crickhowell High School, will be influenced in some way by these proposals.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. J. Parker