Y7 Student’s ‘Hero Letter’ Featured in Farmers Weekly

Congratulations to Year 7 student, Katie Rees, who entered a letter about her Dad in the Farmers Weekly ‘Heroes’ competition, which was published in the April edition of the magazine.

This is what she wrote:

My hero is my dad, Alan. Ever since Grampa passed away he took on all the extra work.

We work on a joint farm with my nan just down the road where Grampa used to live. Nan works with our huge flock of sheep and Grampa worked with our big herd of South Devon cows.

My dad used to help in between whenever help was needed and was a self-employed contractor.

Then, after Grampa’s unexpected passing away, there were lots of jobs to do. Dad gave up his jobs and took on the cattle.

There was lots of help needed with the sheep as well so Dad works long hours to get things done.

He shows passion for the farm and it means a lot to him.

He is an inspiration to me because he loves what he does and never gives up, I want to be like him when I am older and be an inspiration to someone else.

He shows me how to do things on the farm and do them right. That’s why my dad is my inspiration and my hero.