Les Miserables Auditions on Now!

The Performing Arts Department are delighted to announce that they will be putting together a production of “Les Miserables” to be performed in March 2019.  Sign up sheets for lead roles are available on the doors of the MPS.  Any student who wishes to audition for a lead role must sign up to an allocated time slot.  Below is the full audition timetable.

If there are no slots available, please see Miss Panfilli or Miss Owen.  If students wish to be part of the ensemble / chorus, they need to sign up on the designated sheet and attend on Tuesday 11th September at 3:30-4:30.

The cast list will be up by Friday 13th September.

Once rehearsals begin, students will be expected to attend rehearsals every Monday at 3:30-4:30 (singing and music) and Tuesday at 3:30-5:00 (acting and singing).