Crickhowell High School 1st XV Rugby team

This September the school has entered the mid week 1st XV rugby league.  Players from years 11 (current year 10) right up to year 13 will be able to sign up this Friday lunchtime in B5.  Carl Scales Area Rugby Development Officer will be coming in to explain how the team will work.  Team kit, team captain and training times to mention but a few of the topics to be arranged.  All pupils (new pupils included) are welcome at the meeting even if you aren’t a rugby player but feel that you’d like to take part in some of the strength and conditioning sessions that will be planned.  We will be looking for people with great communication skills to help ensure everyone knows what’s going on.  We will need administrators, treasurers, organisers and more, so if you are interested in getting involved turn up 1:35 B5.