Healthy Eating Week – 11th to 15th June 2018

Hooray!  It’s the BNF Healthy Eating Week 2018.  Lots to look forward to this week particularly in the canteen, where they’ll be serving up some tasty treats to tickle your tastebuds!

The purpose of the Week is to raise awareness of healthy eating / drinking / cooking, where food comes from and being active to promote key health messages and habits.

Monday’s theme is Eat Breakfast and the canteen will be serving up delicious helpings of porridge with blueberries at breaktime.

Tuesday’s theme is Have 5 a Day when the canteen will be serving up ‘5 fruits’ bags.

Wednesday’s theme is Get Active.  There’ll be an fun athletics obstacle course on the sports field at lunchtime.

Thursday is Drink More Water Day and the canteen will have available iced jugs of water with mint, cucumber, orange and lemon.

On Friday we’re going to get you to try something new.  The canteen will be serving natural yoghurt with fruit dipping sticks.

All you have to do is eat healthy, get active and most importantly – enjoy!

Visit the BNF website at for a range of useful information on a healthier lifestyle or visit our web pages at for some great recipes and ideas for power breakfasts or packed lunches.