Year 11 Bulletin – Addendum

Further to the Year 10 Bulletin that was issued last week, please can I draw your attention to an error that I made with regards to the new B4LC (Behaviour for Learning Centre).

Can I emphasise that the B4LC is not being used to support ALN students, and is completely separate from the ALN department.

B4LC is the Behaviour for Learning centre which is a supervised area to facilitate internal exclusion/ Isolation. It is a sanction which is used to practice restorative justice and to help to enforce the school rules:

Examples of behaviour for which students may be internally excluded are:

  • Offensive and abusive language to a member of staff
  • Physical harm caused to another student
  • Repeated disruption of the classroom learning environment
  • Repeated failure to adhere to school uniform code or behavioural code
  • Smoking

I apologise for any misunderstanding, and if you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate in contacting me.


Claire Harris
Year 10 Progress Leader