Year 10 Bulletin – June 2015

Year 10 Bulletin

I hope that you had a restful half term, and as the saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked, so may I take this opportunity to welcome you to Key Stage 4!

Following our return after the Whitsun half term break, Year 9 students found themselves being known as Year 10, and thus embarking on their chosen GCSE choices. They are now considered as KS4 students, in Upper School, and have a great responsibility in acting as positive role models for the pupils in Lower School.


Pupils were issued with a brand new timetable on their return last week. The timetable includes their core subjects and their chosen options. If there are any problems or if you need to discuss anything relating the timetable, please contact me on

The feedback from staff has been very promising indeed with regards to their new Year 10 classes. Pupils are well motivated and well suited to the subjects that they have chosen. Most pupils with whom I have spoken are very happy with their choices and with their timetable, but there is inevitably going to be some pupils who, after reconsidering, think that they have made the wrong choice, and may have reservations about their chosen subjects. If this is the case, please contact me ASAP, so that we can discuss any issues before it becomes too late to catch up on work.


Attendance is one area on which I will be focusing over the next few months. Unfortunately, our year group was below the school target of 96% in Year 9. I fully understand that appointments for Orthodontist and emergency/last minute Dr appointments usually fall within school hours, but please could I ask that routine dental check-ups and medical appointments be made after school hours. Bearing in mind the pupils’ new timetables, on most days they now have double lessons of their subjects, so missing just one day could mean missing a whole week of that particular subject.


The Summer uniform is still in place, which means that it is not compulsory at the moment for students to wear their jumpers however, blazers must be worn at all times (unless permission is given from their teacher to remove them in class).

On the whole, the uniform in our year is very good. May I take this opportunity to remind you that girls’ skirts should be pleated and just above the knee and trousers should be as described in the uniform section of the school’s website. Leggings, black jeans or tight fitting trousers are not permitted.

If you have any queries regarding the school uniform, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

End of year trip

The Year 10 end of year trip will take place on Wednesday 15th July. As a way of celebrating good behaviour and the end of Key Stage 3, we will be going to Delta Force Paintball in Cardiff. This will inevitably be a fantastic day out for all involved! Letters will be going out this week containing more information.


We have recently created a Behaviour for Learning Centre (B4LC) in school.

The intention of this centre is to support the learning of students with additional learning needs and it is also used as a sanction location for those who do not abide by school rules and expectations. The supervised centre has been running for several weeks now and it is proving to be effective. It provides students with a very controlled and disciplined surrounding to ensure that their learning can be maximized with minimum distraction to other.

Dates for your diary

  • Wednesday 22nd June – Sports Day – our year group’s last one! Lets make it a good one!!
  • Wednesday 15th July – Year 9 Rewards Trip
  • Friday 17th July – End of the Summer Term

Notices from teachers:

For pupils that have opted for GCSE French, Mrs Neill has requested that they bring with them a folder and A4 paper to each lesson please.


As always, many thanks for your support and positive feedback over the last few months. I am sure that with your continued support, our year group will continue to thrive over the next couple of years!

With best regards,


Claire Harris