Year 11 Update from Guidance Evening

Mocks Begin                                                                           23rd November

Interim Reports                                                                       15th January

Consultation Evening                                                              28th January

Key Exam Dates

October 2015

Last date to request original paper from exam boards                     Friday   2nd October

January 2016

Winter exam season: English, Maths and Science                               6th Jan to 20th Jan

March 2016

Release of personal Exam timetables                                                      8th March

May 2016

Summer exam season begins                                                                      13th May

Controlled Assessment Dates

Geography                                                                                                         22nd September to 14th October

History                                                                                                                  From 2nd November

Art                                                                                                                          March 2016

Food Tech                                                                                                           From now week until April

Design Technology                                                                                           From now week until April

Languages                                                                                                           From 15th October

Performing Arts                                                                                                March Assessment

                                                                                                                            April Portfolio