Year 11 Study Leave – 15th May

Dear Parent/Carer

As you are aware the GCSE examinations begin on Friday 8th May with Welsh. As Year 11 formal teaching of the curriculum has finished and revision has begun, we need to maximise revision to enable students to perform to the best of their abilities. Therefore from Monday 11th May, it is our intention to make available 3 centralised revision areas for students to access should they wish to formally revise within school. These will be staffed and subject specialist teachers will be available. If however, students find they work best from home with independent revision then the school will support this approach. Should the students choose to come in to school to revise; they must wear full school uniform and must also sign in at the front desk.

We would recommend two general GCSE online revision aids: BBC Bitesize and the school access to GCSE POD however, we also recommend that your child should access the resources signposted by their subject teachers in the school shared area.

You can support your child by making sure that they are familiar with their examination timetable including when the examinations are on and where they will take place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice as to how else to support your child through this examination period.

To re-enforce effective revision skills on Thursday 7th May all Year 11 students will attend a “Motivation Morning” from 9.00 – 12 noon. We have engaged outside professional revision experts to ensure all students are as well prepared and focussed for the forthcoming GCSE examinations.

We wish all our students every success during this period and for the future.

Kind regards

Mrs Jackie Parker              Mr Robert Ford
Headteacher                     Deputy Headteacher