Year 7 Bulletin – November 2015

Dear parents, guardians and carers

Welcome to November’s Year 7 bulletin; this academic year has flown by so quickly. I hope that the half term break was restful for Year 7 who embraced their time in Crickhowell High School so very well and on the whole, settled in quite well. Seeing student’s blossom and come out of their shell has been very rewarding and it has been a pleasure getting to know them all. I am well on target getting to knowing all 121 students! Getting used to new sets of rules and new surroundings is difficult for us all and the way Year 7 have handled this has been exceptional; well done Year 7.

As stated in October’s bulletin, the aim of writing monthly is to keep you up to date with your child’s school life and make you aware of upcoming dates of importance. The bulletin is as much for parents as it is for students, so please contact me if there are any items you would like to see in future editions of the bulletin.

Important dates for November

On Wednesday 18th November, we will be collapsing the timetable for the whole school. We will send out further information separately when all details have been finalised.

Assembly themes

  • w/c 2/11/15 – Prizes
  • w/c 9/11/15 – Remembrance Day
  • w/c 16/11/15 – Anti bullying week
  • w/c 23/11/15 – Philosophy
  • w/c 30/11/15 – World Aids Day

The assemblies on weeks commencing 16/11/15, will be delivered by Mr O’Farrell’s tutor group, 7C and the assembly week commencing 23/11/15, will be delivered by Mr Bowsher’s tutor group, 7P. I am looking forward to seeing what they have decided to do; I will report back in the next bulletin!

Recent SATS

As you are aware, the SATS have recently taken place and Year 7 should be very proud of themselves as they conducted themselves very well. Some students find examinations of any kind, quite nerve-racking and become quite anxious in the build-up to sitting exams. We will continue to do all that we can to alleviate this and will work directly with students who feel the pressure of exams in order for them to feel they can get through it.


Year 7’s attendance has remained constant throughout October and this month, with an average of 97%. Ideally, we strive for a higher percentage as Year 7 generally have near 100% attendance, so we hope that we can improve on 97% over the next few weeks.

Over 70 students out of 121 achieved 100% last term and were presented with a reward slip to mark this which will occur every term. As well as that, each week, one student from each tutor group will be chosen at random for a weekly award slip for 100% the previous week. This will entitle them to jump to the front of the dinner queue for one week, along with one friend. All are incentives to ensure 100% attendance!

Just to remind you, if your child is absent please contact the school and chose the option to leave a message stating why your child is absent from school. Also, if you are aware of any medical appointments in advance, please notify us either by calling or writing a note in the student planner. As difficult as we know this is, please try to ensure all appointments are outside of school hours. If appointments fall within school hours and your child comes in to school late, for health & safety purposes, it is paramount that they sign in/out at reception. If you child is sent home during the school day due to illness, please update us the following day and we will amend our attendance data accordingly.

Open Evening

CHS held its Open Evening on 24th September which was well attended by over 200 families. Over 60 Year 7 students volunteered to be guides or to help out in different subject areas. The feedback and comments we had from people who visited us that evening were full of praise and positive comments about the conduct of all Year 7 students.

As a reward, the students who gave up their time to help out, attended a brunch which was held on Thursday 22nd October. The students were also presented with ‘well done’ certificates and Mrs Parker attended and praised and thanked the students for making the Open Evening such a success. Well done Year 7 and a huge thank you for all your efforts.

Extra-curricular Activities

Please note the following activities and opportunities available for all students:

  • Monday lunchtime – 1.30-2pm Musical Theatre Club (MPS)
  • Monday – 3.30-4.45pm Rock Challenge (Sports Hall)
  • Tuesday – 3.30-5pm School play rehearsals (Drama studio)
  • Thursday lunchtime – 1.30-2pm Whole school choir (Music room)
  • Friday lunchtime – 1.30-2pm Whole school choir (Music room)

Homework Club

Students who wish to complete homework in school, can access the homework club which takes place every lunchtime. We would encourage students to take advantage of this as there is always someone on hand who can offer them guidance if they do not understand what they have to do.

Rewards System

Year 7 have the opportunity every month to receive a reward chosen by the form tutor which recognises good behaviour in and around the school. The reward is an iTunes voucher which the Friends Association kindly fund, which we are very grateful for.

Nut allergy

With Christmas fast approaching, it is the time of year where students buy gifts for friends and staff, especially chocolate. Due to a number of students in the school who suffer with severe nut allergies, we kindly request that no chocolate is brought into school. Even chocolate that does not contain whole nuts, often have traces of nut in the chocolate, so in order to safeguard the students with allergies, we ask that no chocolate, at any time of the year, is brought in. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


The December bulletin will outline details of the countdown to the Christmas break and key dates on the calendar that you need to be aware of. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any concerns that you may have about your child or any other issues.

Mrs Phillips
Progress Leader
Student Support & Child protection Officer