Year 9 Bulletin – September 2015

We hope you have all had a restful yet adventurous summer holiday.

We welcome you to the New Academic Year and look forward to a year filled with opportunity, challenge and dedication.

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:

  • Week beginning 7th September – International Literacy Day
  • Week beginning 14h September – Future/Hopes/Beginnings
  • Week beginning 21st September   – International Day of Peace & European Languages
  • Week beginning 28th September – Friendship and World Smile Day

Upcoming important dates for Year 9 include:

  • Monday 14th September –Awards Evening
  • October Half Term Monday 26th – Friday 30th October
  • Thursday 2nd February – Options Evening
  • Wednesday 10th February – Options Choice Deadline

We would like to extend a very warm welcome back to all our students and their parents/ guardians/ and carers.

There have been no changes to the tutors this year and as a reminder, the tutor groups are listed below:

  • 9 Catwg (9C) – Mrs K Neil – L1
  • 9 Dewi (9D) – Ms O Troffigue – A5
  • 9 Hywel (9H) – Mr L McErlaine – H2
  • 9 Pedr (9P) – Miss D Owen – MPS

If you have changed any data that we hold for your child such as Address, Emergency Contact information, Mobile Numbers, Medical Details etc, please can you complete a new SIMs form and return it to the main reception as a matter of urgency. It is vital that we are able to contact you in case of emergency.

Uniform and Attendance

All students should be wearing full school uniform and a reminder that skirts must be pleated and an acceptable length as per the uniform code. If you are at all unsure of the details, please refer to the uniform section of this website.

Attendance has a huge impact on achievement and we appreciate all that you do at home to ensure your child attends school every day. We also continue to praise outstanding attendance of students within school.

The Attendance Award will still run on a weekly basis. Any two individuals who achieve 100% attendance in any week have the potential to be selected at random from a prize draw. Those students selected are resultantly allowed to go to the front of the dinner queue for an entire school week, with a peer of their choice. We will also be awarding two students at the end of this term for 100% attendance for the term. These students will receive a brunch morning with fellow students who have also kept 100% attendance. Attendance and learning have a clear link and it is imperative that our standards are maintained.

We ask that if your son/daughter is absent from school for any reason that you either phone into the school absence line or write a note in their planner on their return. This allows us to ensure that the right attendance code is recorded on the students register.

We would like to politely remind all parents, guardians and carers that student planners are to be signed by Friday every week. This promotes the home-school communication that we pride ourselves on, and it ensures that students maintain excellent organisational skills in recording their homework notes and deadlines

We would like to take this opportunity to respectfully remind you not to drive into the school car park 15 minutes either side of the beginning and end of school for the health and safety of the students walking and alighting from/ boarding buses. The school car park is closed to all vehicles between 8:15am and 8:45am and again between 3:15pm and 3:45pm.

Crickhowell High School’s Open Evening will be taking place on Thursday 24th September 2014 between 5-7pm. We welcome all prospective new students to visit us and receive information, guidance and a view of the school’s faculties. This is a fantastic opportunity to talk to members of staff and to see what we have to offer.

We look forward to another successful year for all our students and continuing excellent partnerships between home and school.

If you have any questions or concerns this term, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss G Sparrow – Year 9 Progress Leader