Year 8 Bulletin – July 2015

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:

  • Week beginning 29th June – International Day against Drug Abuse
  • Week beginning 6th July – Education and girls rights: Malala Day
  • Week beginning 13th July – Power of individuals: Mandela Day

Upcoming important dates for Year 8 include:

  • Wednesday 15th July –Rewards Trip
  • Friday 17th July – End of the Summer Term

Behaviour, Learning and Attendance

The weather has been pleasing as of late and students have been enjoying their free time in the fresh air at break times and lunch times, with many involving themselves in the extra-curricular sports and other clubs that are on offer. All students have been reminded, however, that their behaviour during their free time is still expected to be of an exceptional standard. Mrs Parker has recently met with the boys especially to highlight that ‘rough play’ will not be tolerated and that the use of rugby balls and footballs are permitted on the condition of appropriate use.

Students have begun to build up their Olympic Reward cards after our recent draw took place. Using our school recording system (Go4Schools), the students who have achieved the highest number of total positive behaviour points throughout the 2014-2015 academic year will receive acknowledgement by having “tea” with myself and Mrs Parker in the last week of term. The results of this shall be publicised in due course. Overall, the standards have been second to none this year and there is no doubt that this will continue through to next year.

Attendance remains to be a strong focus and students have recently been educated on

how their short-term absences impact upon their termly and yearly absences – please see below.

With the relationship between attendance and educational success being clear we endeavour to continue to improve our year group and subsequent whole school attendance. On that note, may I please politely request that every attempt is made to book medical appointments for after school hours.

The 100% weekly Attendance Awards throughout June have gone to:

Week 1 – Ethan Foster (8C) and Tegan Deakin (8H)

Week 2 – Ethan Jones (8D) and Olivia Jones (8P)

Week 3 – Eleanor Bell (8C) and Jonathan Main (8H)

Week 4 – Jessica Gould (8D) and Joshua Jones (8P)

These students were all given a ‘skip the dinner queue’ ticket as their reward for excellent attendance.

In recognition of good behaviour, the Rewards Trip to Drayton Manor will be taking place on Wednesday 15th July. The letters were sent out to all parents/guardians a number of weeks ago. The final payment date was scheduled for Friday 26th July. Although the majority of the year group have registered their interest, with the payment and consent slip being handed in to the main office, there are still a few outstanding. If you are intent on your son/daughter attending the trip, but have been unable to make the payment to date please contact me as soon as possible. Additionally, if you are facing financial difficulty, please let me know and, in all confidentiality, I will see what we can do to support you. The ideal is for all students to have a collective social experience following on from a great first year in Crickhowell High School. Those students who do not attend must still attend school on that day. Alternative activities will be run for the duration of the normal school hours: 8:40am-3:30pm.

Extra-curricular activities

Sports Day took place on Monday 22nd June and it was a highly enjoyable and successful day all round. Countless students participated competitively in a range of events and every individual in Year 7-9 completed the 1500m ‘Race for Life’ run. Through the outstanding efforts of the students and the staff, over £500 was raised for Cancer Research. A huge well done to everyone! A phenomenal number of historical school records were broken this year too, especially by our year group; we clearly have plenty of talented and aspiring young athletes.

The annual Performing Arts and Music concert was held on Friday 26th June and our fantastic and passionate young performers shone in every light. The students involved from our year group were: Eleanor Bell (8C), Benjamin Barwise (8P), Jessica Probert (8C) and Harriet Haylock (8C).

A massive well done and congratulations goes to them all!

Nicola Jones, our 5 x 60 Officer, is running an exciting trip to Wimbledon on Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th July. Students across all year groups will be going to experience the top level tennis that is played. All are wished a very pleasurable experience.

All normal extra-curricular clubs continue to run. These include: Eco Club, Homework Club (1:30-2:00pm), ICT Club, Sports Clubs, 5 x 60, Choir, Music lessons, Film Club and Drama Club.


May I take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy and happy summer break. Thank you all for your continued support throughout Year 7. Year 8 will undoubtedly be another year filled with promise and accomplishment!

Yours sincerely,

Miss C Jones – Year 8 Progress Leader