Year 7(8) Bulletin – June 2015

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:

  • Week beginning 1st June – Honesty
  • Week beginning 8th June – Work
  • Week beginning 15th June – Strength
  • Week beginning 22nd June – Independence and Dependence
  • Week beginning 29th June – Ambition

Upcoming important dates for Year 7 include:

  • Wednesday 15th July – Year 7 Rewards Trip
  • Friday 17th July – End of the Summer Term

Behaviour, Learning and Attendance

Positive behaviour continues to be a school factor that we place great emphasis on. As previously mentioned, our key method of doing this is through the Olympic and Paralympic Rewards System. One student was previously selected out of each box (Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Determination, Inspiration, Courage, Equality) and presented with a £15 i-Tunes voucher, kindly donated by the Friends Association.

Within Key Stage 3 we have now tallied the number of times each student appears in each box. The students who are entered the most number of times will have their picture placed on the ‘wall of fame’ in the Pastoral Office. The winners are:

  • Respect – Ben Willett (7D)
  • Excellence – Jordan Williams (8C)
  • Friendship – Harriet Haylock (7C)
  • Determination – Anna Eynon (8H)
  • Inspiration – Eloise Vincent (7C)
  • Courage – Megan Haslam (9C)
  • Equality – Oriel Gray (7D)

A huge well done goes to these students and to every young learner who received recognition for at least one of the values during last term. The boxes are, once again, beginning to fill due to the tremendous efforts by all Key Stage 3 students.

On a separate note, we have recently created a Behaviour for Learning Centre (B4LC) in school.

The intention of this centre is to support the learning of students with additional learning needs and it is also used as a sanction location for those who do not abide by school rules and expectations. The supervised centre has been running for several weeks now and it is proving to be effective. It provides students with a very controlled and disciplined surrounding to ensure that their learning can be maximised.

As stated previously, the Year 7 Rewards Trip will be taking place on Wednesday 15th July. This will be a day in Drayton Manor Theme Park. The detailed letter regarding the cost and more detailed information shall shortly be sent to all parents and guardians. Any student who does not display the expected behaviour over the forthcoming weeks will not be permitted to attend the trip. Students who do not wish to attend the trip will remain in school for the day and will be supervised in other enjoyable tasks. We do, however, encourage every student to attend as it is an organised event which recognises good behaviour. Upon reading the letter, please contact me with any queries or concerns.

Year 7 are now officially Year 8 – their first academic year has flown by. All students will spend the first two hours of Monday 1st June in Form Time to organise their new timetables and go through the basic information of the year ahead with their Form Tutor.

Our new Year 7 students will join us in September as normal. On behalf of Mrs Sullivan (Transition Manager) and I, thanks go to all of the students who volunteered their support as shadows for our prospective learners. Each and every one of them demonstrated exceptional qualities in helping the younger individuals feel comfortable in their new school setting. The new Year 7 Intake Day will take place on Thursday 25th June 2015. On this day the new students will be put in to their official form groups and they will spend a day on their new timetables.

Consultation Evening proved to be an informative event for all parents and guardians.

Thank you to all of you who attended; it has been great to hear about the very many positive discussions that took place. If you were unable to attend and would like some further information, please contact me at any time.

May all parents and guardians please ensure that the school uniform standards are met. This request is particularly important for school skirts, which must be pleated and just above the knee. Having uniform that deviates from the expected form, as detailed in the student planners and school website, will result in sanctions being put in place. Presentation is something that we pride ourselves on and it must remain to be outstanding.

Throughout Year 7, the students have been the highest attending year group in the school. Every emphasis must be placed on upholding this fantastic achievement over the course of Year 8. The 100% Attendance Award will continue to run and, with names being selected at random, every individual will be in with a chance of winning a ‘skip the dinner queue’ ticket on a weekly basis.

Extra-curricular activities

On Thursday 21st May, all of Year 7 participated in a Zumba workout as a fundraising event for Lepra. After being told by the Lepra specialist that raising £25 would save the life of one leprosy sufferer, the majority of students endeavoured to raise as much as they possibly could. Some went the extra mile and even held their own events. Examples include cake sales, sponsored silences and counting the number of sweets in a jar. It was an outstanding effort from the year group and all students will soon be notified of the sum total raised for this special cause. Well done!

Our annual Sports Day will take place on Monday 22nd June. This is a highly inclusive event which involves many different races and events of both a competitive and fun nature. Students are all encouraged to wear the colour of their house – red, blue, green or yellow. Further information shall be provided by Form Tutors during Form Time and the P.E Department will send further correspondence via Parent Mail and/or hard copy letter.

All normal extra-curricular clubs continue to run. These include: Eco Club, Homework Club, ICT Club, Sports Clubs, 5 x 60, Choir, Music lessons, Film Club and Drama Club.

Mr Lloyd Evans will now be taking over the responsibility of being the Form Tutor for 8P. We welcome him to the team and wish him every success with the fantastic group of students.

Below is the revised Form Tutor list:

  • 8C – Miss Thomas
  • 8D – Miss Hagerty
  • 8H – Mr Elliot
  • 8P – Mr Evans

May this half-term be a prosperous one for you all.

Yours sincerely,

Miss C Jones – Year 7 Progress Leader