Year 7 May 2015 Bulletin

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:

  • Week beginning 4th May – Tolerance and Difference
  • Week beginning 11th May – Loneliness
  • Week beginning 18th May – Spring and New Life

Upcoming important dates for Year 7 include:

  • Thursday 7th MayParent’s Consultation Evening
  • Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May – Whitsun half-term

Behaviour, Learning and Attendance

Year 7 students are coming towards the end of their first academic year in Crickhowell High School. They are now well-established members of the school community and their collective progression, as a year group, has been noticeable.

The entire school will be commencing the successive year’s academic timetable after the Whitsun half-term. This means that every year group will take a step-up to the next year – Year 7 will become Year 8 after Whitsun. As this is the first year of this change, Year 7 will continue with their work level as normal, but will simply become known as Year 8 early. The reason for this premature timetable change is to maximise and enhance the transition process from Year 9 to Year 10, allowing extended time for the GCSE qualifications. Our prospective Year 6 students will not be joining us until September.

In accordance with the timetable change, the first day back after Whitsun will involve students across all year groups being given new planners and new timetables during their form time.


Year 7 summative reports have been e-mailed out to all parents, guardians and carers today (Friday 1st May). Those who we do not have e-mail addresses for have been given a hard copy to take home. All students have also been given a hard copy letter to take home which details what each grade means e.g. ‘End of Key Stage Target’, ‘End of Year Target’ and ‘Current’. At the bottom of this letter is a reply slip. May you please sign this to acknowledge receipt of the report and ask your child to return it to the main office on Tuesday 5th May 2015.

Consultation Evening

After reviewing your child’s report, there may be questions that you have for subject teachers, or general conversations that you may wish to have. Consultation Evening will take place on Thursday 7th May and this will provide you with the perfect opportunity. On the lead up to Thursday, your child should make an effort to book appointments with subject teachers, who will be located in various rooms on the evening.

On your arrival, you will be directed on where to go. Subject teachers will talk you through your child’s progression and will be open to answer any queries or questions that you may have. The Year 7 Form Tutors and I will also be available, should you wish to discuss more general matters. If you have any pressing questions about your child’s report you may contact me prior to Thursday.

Mrs Callow, Learning Leader of Music, will not be present in the Consultation Evening due to unforeseen circumstances. If you wish to contact her about your child’s progress please do so via the following email address:, or alternatively telephone the general office.

Year 7 attendance is currently absolutely outstanding and students are consistently receiving praise and recognition for their efforts. Your child’s current attendance mark will be displayed on the report that you receive. Every student should be aiming for at least 97%, unless explained family events and illnesses occur. As a collective group, Year 7 have a cumulative attendance of 97%+. We must strive to maintain this as the link between attendance and academic attainment is evident.

Extra-curricular activities

Students from across all year groups attended ‘Judgement Day’ on Saturday 25th April. This was a rugby event which took place in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Every individual thoroughly enjoyed watching the regional teams compete against one another. The behaviour and standards from all who attended was impeccable.

A non-uniform day took place today to raise funds for earthquake disaster in Nepal. Every student contributed at least £1, which means a significant amount of money will go to helping those who are in need. Many thanks to all parents and guardians for their support on this unexpected school charity event.

Extra-curricular clubs continue to run and are always being promoted. Examples include: Eco Club, Homework Club, ICT Club, Sports Clubs, 5 x 60, Choir, Music lessons, Film Club and Drama Club.

The end of year behaviour reward trips are currently being planned for. As mentioned in the last bulletin, these will take place on Wednesday 15th July 2015. You will receive more information on the trip at a later date.

As an end note, Mrs O’Farrell and Mrs Hand who currently act as the Form Tutors for 7P, will no longer remain with the year group. A huge thank you goes to them for their incredible efforts with 7P. They have been invaluable in the process of helping every individual in the group settle and progress, both socially and academically. Taking their place after Whitsun will be Mr Lloyd Evans, a brilliant teacher with many years’ experience. He is looking forward to taking the group under his wing and continuing with the routines that Mrs Hand and Mrs O’Farrell have structured.

I look forward to seeing many of you this week.

Yours sincerely,

Miss C Jones – Year 7 Progress Leader