Year 7 Bulletin – April 2015

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:

  • Week beginning 13th April – Questions
  • Week beginning 20th April – Home
  • Week beginning 27th April – Humour and Laughter

Upcoming important dates for Year 7 include:

  • Friday 1st May 2015Full Reports issued
  • Thursday 7th May 2015Parent’s Consultation Evening

The recent Spring Term was a lively and dynamic one that consisted of many exciting learning opportunities, from every day lessons to annual events, such as the Eisteddfod and Comic Relief (Red Nose) Day.

Behaviour, Learning and Attendance

The Key Stage 3 Olympic Behaviour Reward system continues to be utilised and encouraged by subject teachers across the school as a positive behaviour incentive. If any student in Years 7-9 displays one of the Olympic values (Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality), their name is entered into a prize draw and they subsequently have the chance of winning a £15 i-Tunes voucher.

The students that were selected at random in the last week of term for each award were as follows:

  • Respect – Ethan Jones (7D)
  • Excellence – Eloise Vincent (7C)
  • Friendship – Rebecca Rees (7P)
  • Determination– Nikita Griffiths (8C)
  • Inspiration – Tom Morgan (9H)
  • Courage– Becky Hutchinson (9C)
  • Equality – James Rhydderch-Roberts (8D)

In addition to the prize draw selections, the student who has had their name entered the most for each value will be recognised with their photograph being placed on the wall in Pastoral Office, under the relevant Olympic value. The outcome of this will be announced in the next bulletin. A huge well done to every student in Year 7 who has had their efforts acknowledged and rewarded through this system. They have certainly made us proud. We will begin afresh as of the first day of the new term, with every student having an equal opportunity of being drawn next time.

With the temperatures rising, we will be changing to the summer uniform as of Monday 13th April 2015. This means that students will now be able to choose whether they wear the sleeveless pullover. All other items with uniform will remain the same and we would appreciate your continued reinforcement of excellent presentation at all times.

Attendance across Year 7 remains to be respectably high. However, the few weeks before the holidays saw a decline which needs to be improved upon. Many thanks go to all parents, guardians and carers who consistently communicate the reasons for their child’s absence to us. May I politely request that these procedures are consistently followed, as outlined recently in the March bulletin.

The majority of Year 7 students continue to have excellent attendance. We always seek ways to praise and reward such positive features of school life. As a collective group, 7P recently achieved 100% attendance over a particular week. As a result, they were personally commended by Mrs Parker and were each given a ‘skip the dinner queue’ pass for a week. Well done to all concerned, including Mrs Hand and Mrs O’Farrell (7P Form Tutors).

The Year 7 summative reports will be issued on Friday 1st May 2015. Each student report will contain a detailed written account of their progress in each subject to date, as well as a personal Form Tutor report. If you have any queries about the report you receive, please do not hesitate to contact either us.

The Parent’s Consultation Evening will follow on Thursday 7th May 2015. Students will be required to book appointments with all subject teachers in the fortnight leading up to the Consultation Evening. The ‘notes’ pages in the student planners is useful for the recording of their appointment time for each subject. Please continue to use the planners as an effective form of home-school communication. It is advisable for all parents, guardians and carers to make every effort to attend the Consultation Evenings as it provides a personal opportunity for strengths and areas for development to be highlighted and discussed.

Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular clubs continue to run and these are reinforced in assemblies. Examples include: Eco Club, Homework Club, ICT Club, Sports Clubs, 5 x 60, Choir, Music lessons, Film Club and Drama Club.

With the summer term now commencing, the sports extra-curricular timetable has been created:

This new timetable will take the place of the recent Autumn Term version. Information regarding school sport is often updated and is easily accessible on the school website, under the PE section.

Open Choir is an excellent opportunity for all students on a Thursday lunchtime at 1:30-2:00pm. Students who play instruments may join the school Orchestra on a Friday lunchtime at 1:30- 2:00pm.

Students are urged to continue to use Homework Club which runs every lunch time 1:30-2:30pm in classrrom E3. A number of our Teaching Assistant’s kindly give up their time to supervise the computer facilated room, supporting the learning of all Key Stage 3 students.

The end of year reward trips are now in the intial planning phase. All students who have displayed the expected behaviour standards to date will soon be offered the opportunity to attend the trip to the decided location on Wednesday 15th July 2015, which is in the last week of the final half-term. Please expect further information on this at a later date.

As a final note, our provisional new Year 7 students will be following the normal routine of visiting us on shadow days over the next few weeks. This will give them a fantastic experience as to what High School life is about, with the new routines, wide range of subjects and extensive extra-curricular provision. We continue to focus on our transition process and hope that every individual thoroughly enjoys their day.

We wish you an exhilarating and successful half-term.

Yours sincerely,

Miss C Jones – Year 7 Progress Manager