Year 7 March 2015 Bulletin

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:

  • Week beginning 2nd March – Pleasure
  • Week beginning 9th March – Examinations
  • Week beginning 16th March – Justice
  • Week beginning 23rd March – Resolutions

Upcoming important dates for Year 7 include:

  • Friday 1st May 2015Full Reports issued
  • Thursday 7th May 2015Parent’s Consultation Evening


Year 7 students have had a very productive and fulfilling February, with many lesson based and extra-curricular events occurring. Information is provided on the historical and upcoming events, school expectations and general opportunities below.

Behaviour, Learning and Attendance

Year 7 Behaviour has continued to be a focus, with this aspect of school life impacting largely upon learning. Students are engaged in lessons and are making the most of their free time during break times and lunch times. Some students have been spoken to with regards to their presentation after lunch times. Although their playful natures are promoted, and we accept that the school grounds can become muddy, we must remind students that their uniform must adhere to the whole school expectation at all times of the day. Please reinforce that uniform must be clean and presentable at all times. Uniform checks continue to be done on a lesson by lesson basis and we must ensure that our standards are kept high. Once again, further clarification of the school uniform code can be found on the school website. As a general requirement, every student is expected to wear their school trousers/skirt, a white shirt, the pull-over and the blazer. Any individual who attends school without these items will either need to borrow uniform from our limited supply, or will be sent home. Year 7 have been exceptional with uniform to date and we must endeavour to maintain this exceptional and evident standard.

We continue to be the highest attending Year Group and this is something which deserves great credit. Very positively, the Attendance Award is still being presented on a weekly basis whereby two students with a 100% weekly attendance are selected at random to obtain a ‘skip the dinner queue’ pass. They are also given the opportunity to elect one friend to accompany them as part of their prize.

It must be noted that there was a noticeable decline in attendance in the last week of half-term. May I please take this opportunity to respectfully remind you that the last week of every half-term is just as imperative as any other week as learning always continues as normal.

If you know that your son or daughter is going to be absent in advance, please write a note in their planner informing their Form Tutor of the reason and the date. This way, we can appropriately record and monitor attendance. Conversely, if your child is off school due to illness or any other unexpected circumstance, please contact the Main Office and go through to our attendance line. Ms Carole Phillips is our Attendance Officer and she will assist you in this matter. Conversely, you may contact me on the details below.

In registration time, Form Tutors are continuing to go through the process of Assertive Mentoring with all Year 7 students. Based on the December interim reports from last term, students are working hard on their areas for development across subjects, but are also positively focusing on solidifying their identified strengths further. This is an interactive process between each student and their Form Tutor and we shall continue with this until the full Year 7 reports are issued on Friday 1st May 2015.

Numeracy and Literacy challenges have also been implemented in registration time and these are linking in to the work being done in Maths and English lessons. We are finding these to be constructive interventions that are providing noticeably effective outcomes in terms of learning.

Extra-curricular activities

There have been an incredible amount of extra-curricular activities going on over the last number of weeks. Many Year 7 students participated in the Rock Challenge on Monday 23rd February in Southampton. This is a performance based competition which involves students of all age groups dancing and performing to an educational theme; this year ours was ‘The History of Domestic Lighting’. We hope to publicise the recorded performance to parents, guardians and carers soon, but we will also be providing the students with an opportunity to view it beforehand. Further information shall soon be provided. Despite incredibly tough competition from Dance and Performing Arts Academies, we came away with the following three awards:

  • Lighting Award
  • Video Award
  • Educational and Cultural Award

This is an invaluable achievement so the utmost credit and praise goes to all of our students involved in the event. We will soon begin planning and promoting for next year.

In addition to this, the school play, ‘We are at War’, also proved to be a huge success. Many Year 7 students were included in the event and it is fair to say that we have some fantastic talent in the school with very capable actors and performers. Many thanks go to all of the staff and parents who attended and supported the event, with many getting in to the spirit and dressing up in clothes from that particular era.

Extra-curricular activities play an imperative role in student well-being and we continue to promote this in all aspects of school life. We have an extensive selection of clubs for your child to choose from: Eco Club, Homework Club, ICT Club, Sports Clubs, 5 x 60, Choir, Music lessons, Film Club and Drama Club, to name but a few. The school website provides more details on department specific events and clubs.

In addition to this, Year 7 students have the beneficial opportunity to attend Homework Club to support their learning. This club is run with supervision every lunch time in classroom E3. Reminders are consistently announced in the Year 7 and Key Stage 3 assemblies which take place twice a week.



Over the forthcoming weeks we have some brilliant events planned. The school Eisteddfod took place today (Monday 2nd March 2015) to celebrate and embrace our Welsh culture, in line with St. David’s Day. This was a day filled with fun, laughter and it was another opportunity for many of our students to demonstrate their capabilities in the avenues of Literature, Language, Music and Performance.

Next Friday, on Friday 13th March 2015, we will be hosting an enjoyable game orientated day for Comic Relief which will encompass a fun run, competitions and stalls. Students are encouraged to dress up in historical costumes and donate £1. This day has been planned in memory of Ms Robbins, a previous history teacher of the school who very sadly passed away in the recent months. All money raised from this planned day will go towards Comic Relief.

As a summarising reminder, this term ends on Thursday 26th March, with the two week holiday running from Friday 27th March – Friday 10th April 2015. Students will be expected to return to school as normal on Monday 13th April 2015 for the Spring Term.

From the Pastoral Team, we wish you an enjoyable break and a very happy Easter Holiday

Yours sincerely,

Miss C Jones – Year 7 Progress Manager