Year 8 March Bulletin

We hope that Year 8 had an enjoyable and relaxing half term and look forward to the next half term ahead of us.

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:

  • Week beginning 2nd March – ‘Pleasure’
  • Week beginning 9th March – ‘Examinations’
  • Week beginning 16th March – ‘Justice’
  • Week beginning 23rd March – ‘Resolutions’

Upcoming important dates for Year 8 include:

  • Friday 13th March – Comic Relief
  • Friday 12th June – Full Reports issued
  • Thursday 18th June 2015 – Parent’s Consultation Evening

Behaviour, Learning and Attendance

Behaviour and uniform standards continue to be of high standard in Year 8 and focus on adherence to these rules is high. Form tutors and subject teachers are consistently completing uniform checks to ensure that every individual is presentable and neat. We also continue to carry out spot uniform checks during assembly and any student found in incorrect uniform will be dealt with accordingly. If you wish to seek further clarification of the uniform code, the information is easily accessible on the school website, under the uniform section.

Attendance in Year 8 continues to be high, with us still being the second highest attending year group, but we must continue to push attendance to school to meet our 98% target. Attendance has a huge impact on achievement and we appreciate all that you do at home to ensure your child attends school everyday. We also continue to praise outstanding attendance of pupils within school.

The Attendance Award is still being run on a weekly basis. Any two individuals who achieve 100% attendance in any week have the potential to be selected at random from a prize draw. Those students selected are resultantly allowed to skip the dinner queue for an entire school week, with a peer of their choice. We will also be awarding two students at the end of this term for full attendance of the term. These students will receive a brunch morning with fellow students who have also kept 100% attendance. Attendance and learning have a clear link and it is imperative that our standards are maintained.

May we ask that if your son/daughter is absent from school for any reason that you either phone into the school absence line or write a note in their planner on their return. This allows us to ensure that the right attendance code is recorded on the students register.

May all parents, guardians and carers be politely reminded that student planners are to be signed by the Friday of every week. This promotes the home-school communication that we pride ourselves on, and it ensures that students maintain excellent organisational skills in recording their homework notes and deadlines

Extra-curricular activities

We have had a very successful half term with extra-curricular activities.

The Rock Challenge took place on Monday 23rd of February in Southampton which a number of Year 8 and other students were involved in. It was a fantastic day and the pupils were great ambassadors of the school, demonstrating the wide range of talents we have here at Crickhowell School. We came away with three awards, Best Lighting, Best Video Performance and Cultural and Educational Award. Well done to all of those who were a part of it.

The School Performance of ‘We Are at War’ was also incredibly successful last week and all students who were involved in the production were fantastic. A big well done to all students who took part.

The next few weeks are scheduled to be busy, with plenty of learning, extra-curricular activities, trips and general opportunities arising.

Comic relief will be on Friday 13th March (letter to follow) and as a school, we participate and show our support through a day of timetabled events with team based activities, performances, fancy dress, stalls and a fun run. We are hoping to beat our previous record of £4000.

We have an inset day on Friday 27th March, which means our last school day before Easter is Thursday 26th March. We will return as normal on Monday 13th April 2015.

Yours sincerely,

Miss G Sparrow – Year 8 Progress Manager