Year 7 Bulletin February 2015

It has been a very productive and positive start to the year of 2015.

The ‘Thought for the Week’ themes for this month are as follows:

Week beginning 2nd February – ‘Language’

Week beginning 9th February – ‘Quarrels and Disagreements’

Week beginning 23rd February – ‘Sacrifices’

Upcoming important dates for Year 7 include:

Friday 1st May 2015 – Full Reports issued

Thursday 7th May 2015 – Parent’s Consultation Evening

Year 7 students are now settled and are entirely contributing to the school’s ethos of positive relationships, built on the foundation of care and respect, which encourages a purposeful and exhilarating learning environment for all.

Behaviour, Learning and Attendance

Behaviour and uniform standards are high and individual students are praised for demonstrating quality adherence to these aspects of school life. Form tutors and subject teachers are consistently completing uniform checks to ensure that every individual is presentable and neat. If you wish to seek further clarification of the uniform code, the information is easily accessible on the school website, under the uniform section.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate Year 7 students on their exceptional attendance thus far. We continue to be the highest attending Year Group within the school and every effort is made to commend individuals for outstanding attendance.

The Attendance Award is still being run on a weekly basis. Any two individuals who achieve 100% attendance in any week have the potential to be selected at random from a prize draw. Those students selected are resultantly allowed to skip the dinner queue for an entire school week, with a peer of their choice. Attendance and learning have a clear link and it is imperative that our standards are maintained.

Prior to the Christmas break, Progress Reviews were completed for all Year 7 students whom consent was provided for. Many thanks to all Parents, Guardians and Carers for encouraging and supporting this process. It has enabled us to positively review our transition process and to support individual students.

Currently, during form time, all Year 7 students are participating in Assertive Mentoring. This involves them simply identifying their own learning strengths and areas for development, based on their December interim reports. They are using this to set realistic and measurable targets for themselves, with the complete support of their Form Tutor.

May all parents, guardians and carers be politely reminded that student planners are to be signed by the Friday of every week. This promotes the home-school communication that we pride ourselves on, and it ensures that students maintain excellent organisational skills in recording their homework notes and deadlines

Extra-curricular activities

Year 7 students are reminded of the benefit of Homework Club to support their learning. This club is run with supervision every lunch time in classroom E3.
If your child is looking to begin a new hobby or is interested in extending their learning outside the classroom, the following lunchtime clubs are currently available: Eco Club, Homework Club, ICT Club, Sports Clubs, 5 x 60, Choir, Music lessons, Film Club, Drama Club/School Play, Rock Challenge and many more. If your son or daughter wishes to find out more, they can see the departments and staff members responsible for the running of these extra-curricular clubs. These are also regularly announced in assemblies

The next few weeks are scheduled to be busy, with plenty of learning, extra-curricular activities, trips and general opportunities arising.

The half-term dates are Monday 16th February – Friday 20th February 2015. We will return as normal on Monday 23rd February 2015. From the Year 7 Pastoral staff, we wish all families an enjoyable and relaxing break.

Yours sincerely,

Miss C Jones – Year 7 Progress Manager