Year 9 Option Trawl 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

Re: KS4 Options 2015-17

The purpose of this second trawl is to ensure each option block has the right balance of subjects for all students to choose the range of subjects they prefer with no unfortunate clashes. This second trawl is in no way binding and final options blocks will be released on the final option form due in on the 11th February.

The second trawl has now been completed

The Timeline for Year 9 Options Choices in Term 2 will then be as follows:

  • Completed Trawl Two (online) deadline                                                         Fri 16th th January
  • Year 9 Full Written Reports issued to Parents/Carers                                   Fri 30th January
  • Year 9 Options Evening                                                                                      Tues 3rd February
  • Year 9 Consultation Evening                                                                             Thurs 5th February
  • Options Return Deadline                                                                                   Wed 11th February
  • Options Confirmation and KS4 Study Contract 2015-17                              Fri 27th March

If you have any queries regarding Options choices please don’t hesitate, in the first instance, to contact:

Mrs Harris Progress Manager for Year 9,
Mrs Thomas Assistant Headteacher,
Mr R Ford Deputy Headteacher or
The Headteacher Mrs Parker.

We can be contacted through the school email address or through the school office number 01873813500. We look forward to seeing you at the Options Evening on Tuesday 3rd February where we will go through the process in more detail and the choices facing your child as they choose their options for KS4.

Kind regards,

Rob Ford

Deputy Headteacher