Changes to the Governing Body

Parent Governors:

  • Mr A Peggrem – has been re-elected as Chair of Governors – 2012/13
  • Mr A Sanders – has been re-elected as Community Governor, for the term 2012-2016.
  • Mrs S Fielding – has stood down as Parent Governor, following the end of her term at 31st Aug 2012.
  • Mr J Gruffydd – his term of office is up for renewal and we are currently waiting confirmation of whether he wishes to re-stand
  • NB:         Parent Governor Vacancies, Term 2012-2016  x3 – to be advertised.

Community Governors:

  • The vacancy listed as been filled by Mr A Sanders, for the term 2012-2016
  • Mr S Roberts – has been re-elected as Vice-Chair of Governors – 2012/13