CHS Friends Association Minutes 8/11/12

Present: J Parker, N Treasure, S Lane, A Neve , P Webb

Apologies for absence: R Ford, M Toy, H Sanders, W Sivewright, K Jones

Jackie welcomed parents who attended and thanked all parents who have helped this year. Thanks given to Helen for all work with CHSFA over past years, who retired as chair this year.

  1. Currently need new Chairperson and new committee members.
    Thank you to Nerys who will take on Treasurer for 1 year.
    Andrea Neve will job share secretary post for current period with committee members.
  2. Treasurer gave report on current balance.
    Agreed to support tennis  court refurbishment to MUGA  and the £2,800 will be given to this project.
    PTA membership ,lottery licence to pay and charity returns to be completed.
    Agreed to end  100 club, final draw this Christmas. Nerys will contact all 16 who give by direct debit to inform them that 100 club is finishing.
  3. It was discussed the way forward for CHSFA
    Jackie suggested monthly email to parents, a school wish list, Art dept need £1000, promote annual donation scheme where parents can give a fixed annual sum eg £15, contact Mark Jones and Rebbecca Thomas School council to see how they can help to engage parents etc and fund raise.
    Write to all parents/friends of school stating difficult financial times PTA needed more  than ever to support the school and children. Ask parents how they want to get involved ,how can finance be raised,what do they wish to see PTA  doing, where do they want meeting and what time, we need 15 people on committee are they prepared to help, -sign up here.
    PTA need an e mail that committee members can access and web site up dated regularly .Jackie said contact Liz Van-Male who will put necessary info  etc onto web and email parents with info.(check  that general emails go to 6th form parents also) keep governors,etc informed via Wendy Lock clerk to govs also  suggested singing group to Waitrose , complete Waitrose charity request fund.
  4. The Giving Machine has been set up and must be emailed to all parents staff etc.
    TheGivingMachine is a great way to raise money with very little effort- without spending a penny more Parents, teachers, governors, friends and family register with TheGivingMachine and whenever they shop online, with their favourite retailers, via TheGivingMachine it triggers the retailer to pay donations to the school.Over 2,500 registered UK schools have found it one of the most effective, hassle free, sustainable ways to raise essential funds regularly, simply by asking people to do what they’re doing already – just click on TheGivingMachine first! At no cost to them.TheGivingMachine was set up in 2006 by four dads as a not for profit business.There are over 32,000 registered Givers.Over 360 of the most popular online shops participate (Amazon, ebay, John Lewis, Next, Tesco, Boots) and the number is growing.To date TheGivingMachine has generated over 280,000 free donations raising £250,000 for UK schools and charities.)
  5. CHS 30 year celebration summer 2013.  School wish for a celebration evening and this time it can be a fund-raising event incorporated.
  6. Y7 guidance evening can PTA do teas and Jackie will do presentation on CHSFA. Leaflet required to sign up . It was suggested if parents interested have meeting v. soon afterwards. Help needed to set up and run teas 4pm -7p
  7. Meeting ended 8-15