Crickhowell High School Friends Association (CHSFA)

We are writing to you today to enlist your cooperation and support. Crickhowell High School Friends Association has been in existence for over 25 years and during that time has raised a phenomenal sum of money to supplement the school’s income. These monies have been raised through a diverse range of activities supported by the whole school community to include staff, pupils and their families and friends.

At our most recent committee meeting we identified a need to explore alternative fund raising methods; as regrettably in recent years we have found it increasingly difficult to enlist volunteers, willing to serve as committee members and also volunteers able and willing to organise and run events. We acknowledge that currently we are living in difficult economic times and that the vast majority of the school community are experiencing both a diminished disposable income and very often through pressure of work and other commitments a significant lack of spare free time.

As a committee we have agreed, in the first instance, the following:

  1. To approach the whole school community and establish whether they are willing and able to make an annual donation to the CHSFA – the amount to be decided by the individual.

For example if we received a £10 donation from each pupil and member of staff we would raise in excess of £7500.

  1. To arrange a major fund raising activity in the Autumn Term – details of which will be distributed separately.
  2. To continue with both the Christmas and the Spring fundraising draws.

Over the years we have ascertained that the majority  of parents and friends are more receptive to fund raising when they know exactly how  the monies raised are going to be used – to this end we, as a committee, have agreed that our main focus for fund raising this year will be done to support the refurbishment of the original school Tennis Courts as a multi  purpose community sports facility ;the main aim being that of replacing the tarmac with a rubberised all weather surface which would enable greater use of the space for a variety of sports  as well making it a much safer surface should anyone fall

We hasten to add that we are not going it alone on this project as both the school and local community are seeking financial aid from numerous trust funds and other charities, as well as match funding. Naturally we will also consider favourably any requests submitted from within school for financial support for other incidental projects and each request will be considered on merit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and complete and return the slip below; your support is greatly appreciated.

CHSFA Letter July 2011